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Bidfood Turkey

Bidfood Turkey (previously known as Aktaes Holding) is the leading and exclusive distributor of the world’s finest food and beverage brands in Turkey. Distributing selected brands with all of their core values, Bidfood strives to meet the clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

The brands that we represents meet an elite clientele in Turkey’s finest venues. This makes Bidfood Turkey a preferred business partner.

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Nationwide direct distribution

With our warehouses in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Trakya and Bodrum we have a nationwide presence in Turkey


A wide range of products

From exclusive brands to broadline food service products we distribute local and imported food, beverages, alcohols, frozen products etc.


An International Foodservice Group

We are part of Bidcorp Group, a substantial international business passionate about foodservice with a geographic footprint over four continents.

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