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Quality and food safety policies

 As a company operating in the foodservice sales, distribution and marketing fields, our quality and food safety policies are as follows;


  • First of all, considering human health; To provide a controlled, healthy and reliable product by eliminating the errors and hazards that may threaten human health at all stages of the product and service we offer, 


  • To adopt all national and international standards related to the products and services we provide. To follow the legal legislation requirements as a principle, and to continuously improve the management systems in terms of quality and food safety in every unit of our organization,


  • To work by instilling quality and food safety awareness in all our employees,


  • To contribute to the professional development of our employees with the awareness that they are the most important building blocks that make up our company, to ensure that they can work in a peaceful, healthy and safe environment and to increase their satisfaction,


  • With experienced personnel; To keep customer satisfaction in the forefront by meeting customers, needs and expectations completely and on time,


  • To be a reputable company in the sector by offering quality, healthy and reliable products.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves
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