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Bidfood is recognized as one of the leading businesses in the country, delivering high quality products and services. When it comes to foodservice, Bidfood is the distributor that is best placed in your local area to handle all your needs.  

Who we service ?

No matter how big or how small, we have the service capability and offering to handle every type of foodservice customers including:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shops

  • Pubs, Clubs & Bars

  • Fast Food chains

  • Local & Traditional Restaurants

  • Airlines & Cruise Liners

  • Offices, School and Universities

  • Super Markets

How we work ?

Each Bidfood branch is responsible for their own defined territory.

While they are part of the bigger Bidfood team, each business is run with the mindset and heart of a small business.


When you engage with your branch, it is comforting to know that you are dealing with real people who live and work within your community.  


Our local focus has been a major driver in our success and has enabled us to foster strong relationships with customers in each community.

Testimonials from our customers


Rush Coffeshop Manager

İlknur Küçük

Having a large product portfolio is a great advantage for us.

müşteri ARMA.JPG

Arma Uluslararası Kumanyacılık 

Belgin Yanım

Suppliers with a wide portfolio and fast operation network is important for us. Bidfood is among our main solution partners with its specific approach towards our needs.


Caribou TR- Global Kahve Purchasing manager

Didem Aksoy

Quick action, timely return, job quality and correct communication have always been important to me in my purchasing life. My heartfelt thanks to the beloved Bidfood family who have done this to me and my team. Bidfood is not a supplier but a partner for us.

müşteri ohanes.JPG

Mehmet Ali Yazıcıoğlu

Ohanes Burger Owner

Bidfood is a reliable, high quality, solution partner.


Mehmet Serme

D. Resort Göcek Purchasing Manager

Bidfood is a good partner with timely shipment, business development advice and innovations to our branches in various regions with their wide product portfolio.


Ersin Kefeli

Espressolab Marketing and Corporate communication Manager

We would like to thank Bidfood family for their wide and high quality product range and solution-oriented procurement processes.

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