Bidfood Turkey

Bidfood Turkey is  one of the leading foodservice company in Turkey. 


We experience the pride of working with over 8000 HORECA, national chain, retail and office customers. Our products are stored in our different distribution centers in Turkey which total 12000 square meter.

Distribution of the products is carried out by our staff in dry, cold and frozen. We use our vans and trucks for the intracity distributions.

We offer service throughout the entire Turkey especially Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions. By increasing the direct distribution points and the regional distributors we set our sights on reaching our customers more easily and serving them better.

We offer dedicated service to all customers according to their needs. Each one of our customers is special and singular for us. We are here to bring them the best brands and service quality.

Bidfood Turkey is composed by different entities specialized in their own field :  

Bidfood Distribution&Marketing
Import,  Distribution & Conception of Exclusive brands

Bidfood Distribution and Marketing (previously known as Aktaes) is the leading and exclusive distributor of the world’s finest food and beverage brands in Turkey. 

The brands that we represents meet an elite clientele in Turkey’s finest venues. This makes Bidfood a preferred business partner.

We import and distribute in all channels (including retail, foodservice, key accounts and sub distributors) world class brands such as illy, Monin, S.Pellegrino, Perrier, Lambweston, Bridor etc...

We also create and distribute through the Bidfood Turkey network our own private label products such as Boylan and Everyday's Favourites...

Founded in 2003, Aktaes has joined Bidcorp Group in 2013.

Bidfood Efe
Foodservice distribution in Egean Region

Bidfood Efe is a brodline Foodservice company, with two warehouse in Izmir and one warehouse in Istanbul we serve more than 3000 Hotels, Restaurant, Cafes and catering companies in all the egean cost of Turkey.

Bidfood Efe caters more than 2000 SQU and is the regional distributor for many national food producers.


Bidfood Efe has been founded in 1999 and have joined Bidfood Turkey in 2017. 

Bidfood Akdeniz
Foodservice Distribution in Meditarenean region

Bidfood Akdeniz is a brodline Foodservice company, with its's main distribution center in Antalya. We proudly serve 500 Hotels and more than 1000 Restaurant, Cafes and catering companies in all the in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

Bidfood Akdeniz caters more than 2000 SQU and is the regional distributor for many national food producers.

Bidfood Akdeniz has joined Bidfood Turkey in 2019. 

Bidfood Marmara
Foodservice distribution in Istanbul region

Bidfood Marmara is a brodline Foodservice company, with its's main distribution center in European part of Istanbul.


With a brand new distribution center as well as the capacity to handle fresh, frozen and dry products, Bidfood Marmara aims to distribute a large assortment of food and beverage product as well as exclusive and imported products to the biggest foodservice market of Turkey.

Bidfood Marmara, being founded in June 2020, is the newest subsidiary of Bidfood Turkey. 

Bidfood Spirits
Alcoholic beverages distribution in Turkey

Bidfood Spirits is our business unit dedicated to alcoholic beverages (including wines, liquors, white and brown spirits) distribution in Turkey.


Bidfood Spirits is the exclusive importer and distributer in Turkey for Grouppo Campari products (Campari, Aperol, Cinzano, Bulldog) since 2018.


With it's two dedicated distribution centers in Istanbul and Tekirdağ cities Bidfood Spirits is also the exclusive distributor of Brown Forman products (Jack Daniels, Finlandia, Botanist, Herradura) and Remy-Cointreau in Istanbul European side and Trakya regions.